Primus Realty.

Purely Property Management Services.

Why choose Primus Realty

Primus Realty offer an unparalleled service that only a family run boutique business can afford to provide.

By focusing on purely residential property management we are able to manage your asset to the highest quality by minimising your risk through quality tenant selection and a thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act while maximising profit by implementing regular rent increases and reducing unnecessary expenditure.

So what makes us so different to the rest…

DVD Property Condition Reports

We supplement the prescribed written Property Condition Report with a DVD taken before the commencement of every tenancy – at no additional charge!

A huge asset to our lessors as the exact condition of the property is recorded at the time the tenants moved in – minimising any possible disputes at the end of the tenancy.

iPad Routine Inspection Reports

All routine inspection reports are completed by a licensed Property Manager using iPad technology and supported by digital photographs.

Tenant Selection

Sourcing the right tenant for your property is of upmost importance. Each applicant must complete a detailed application form and submit 100 points of ID. Comprehensive background checks are undertaken including rental history, employment, character references and checking TWO ONLINE TENANCY DATABASES which are only available to Real Estate Agents. All identification is cross referenced with information supplied on the application form and from references.

Typically bad tenants will target privately managed rentals because they can’t pass the scrutiny of a property manager. The lessor is advised of the outcome so they can make an informed decision on the application.

Tenant Induction

Getting It Right from the Start

Once the right tenant has been selected Primus Realty will build a stable and respectful relationship with your tenant – starting with our thorough tenancy induction.

After your tenant is approved they will receive a welcome email outlining all their obligations and any special conditions pertaining to their lease. They are then asked to attend the office where one of our staff will go through the lease agreement in detail with them.

Expectations are made clear from the start including our ZERO-tolerance rent arrears policy, care for the property, maintenance procedures and legislative requirements.

Dedicated maintenance department

Maintenance can be time consuming for property managers. This is why we have a specialised maintenance department dedicated to ensuring your property is looked after 24/7.

Georgia Lee has been head of the maintenance department for over 4 years and has the knowledge and experience to ensure your maintenance issues are dealt with immediately and with expertise.