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Daina Primus Pty Ltd trading as Primus Realty ABN 58 110  566 624 is a Real Estate agency business operating from Suite 15, 83 Mends Street, South Perth, Western Australia. Our principal activities are residential property management.

Our privacy policy covers business operations of Primus Realty and its website:


Primus Realty value its relationships with clients, which often has been built over many years. We are committed to the highest level of service because we expect the best for our customers. Data collection at Primus Realty is handled with full and proper respect for the privacy of our clients. The data we collect is handled sensitively, securely and with proper regard to privacy.


We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and further information can be found at The Office of Australian Information Centre.

Our website links

Our website may include links to third parties, for the purpose of either displaying ‘client reference sites’, or for providing related service and product information from partner service providers we believe to be of interest and use to individually targeted clients and prospects.


While it is a Primus Realty condition of partnering with all partner services that they in turn satisfy the same minimum privacy compliance standards, Primus Realty cannot be responsible for their content, or privacy policies or practices.

Data collection

We do not collect any personal or sensitive data from our visitors when they use our online services, except where the visitor initiates this, for example, by enquiring or seeking services. We do not collect information about our online visitors from other sources, such as private organisations, public records or bodies for web visitors.


If you register online or provide personal data to Primus Realty by any means, we may use this information to provide you with specific targeted information about Primus Realty and declared partner products and services in support of your needs. We may store email addresses, telephone numbers, personal password, or other access devices as to personally tailor information to you.

Contractors and third parties

In order to provide the range of services to meet client demand, we may disclose personal information to our staff and to engage a number of outside contractors and third parties to fulfil specific tasks on our behalf for property related services and other purposes.


These may change from time to time and includes – relocation service providers, property valuers, gardeners, sign board writers, copy-writers, drafts people, photographers, maintenance people, insurance and finance firms and brokers, landlords and agents, tribunals, courts and legislative bodies, collection agencies including the National Tenancy Database and TICA, utilities, banks and mortgages, solicitors.

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