• My experience with Primus Realty was gold class compared compared to any other Residential Agent I have dealt with in the fourteen years I have been renting.

    From the inspection of the property until the day I handed back my key, the staff treated me like a client instead of anotheer residential tenant. The staff took care of the owners and my interests collectively, which made for an honest letting experience.

    The point of difference that I noticed was the Property Condition Report, it was accompaniied with a comprehensive DVD of the apartment, and this is a major asset to both parties at the exit inspection and can save time and money.

    I have and will continue to recommend Primus Realty to family and friends.

    A Tancred Tenant
  • You have been an absolute God-send, keeping us ship-shape for the past few years. We have both so much appreciated your hard work, dedication, wise advice and supreme efficiency with the management of both Griggs Way and Ednah Street.

    We felt completely at ease to leave everything in your capable hands and both and your staff have done a tremendous job.

    As our property links with Australia fade into the sunset may we take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for the care and attention to detail that you take in your work. We are truly grateful to you all!

    Karl and Kathleen Guest Landlord
  • Daina Primus of Primus Realty has consistently proven herself as a capable and resourceful real estate agent. She is reliable, warm and friendly, and always encourages open communication and fair policy between her tenants and clients.

    I have been renting properties since 1998 and can sincerity say that, in my experience, Daina is brilliant at her job. Never before have I had the pleasure of renting from such an excellent real estate agent. She is simply wonderful! I would not hesitate to put my property in her hands, and I would happily apply for a tenancy of a property she was managing again in the future.

    Yelena Raser Tenant
  • If you show the same courtesy and service to your clients as you have shown to us, and I am sure you do, it will only be a matter of time before you are the no.1 Real Estate Agent in Perth.

    Alan and Kay Mathieson Tenant
  • And just wanted to thank yourself and Daina for all the great management work over the last 3 years – it has been a very easy process.

    Annette Hasluck Landlord
  • You have, without a doubt, been the most efficient, professional, and relational realty that we have had the pleasure of dealing with over the many years we have been leasing houses.

    David Akesson Tenant
  • Thank you for all your help whilst migrating to Australia. You and your company made the transition a lot easier by providing us with our first home here.

    Dealings with your company have always been courteous and efficient and we want to thank you for this. We hope you continue with the success of your business and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

    Gail Barton, Paul Landfield and Jamie Barton Tenant
  • I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your prompt response to any of the urgent maintenance matters we have raised and to say that if ever we get a rental property we would certainly approach you to manage it on our behalf.

    John Brennan Tenant
  • The people at Primus Realty South Perth go above and beyond when it comes to Real Estate Management with a personal touch that is second to none.

    Lachlan Jones-Mashman Tenant
  • And just wanted to thank yourself and Daina for all the great management work over the last 3 years – it has been a very easy process.

    Annette Hasluck Landlord
  • I recently moved into the above noted apartment, and Ms. Lee was the realtor involved on behalf of the owner. I am completely satisfied with the services provided by Ms. Lee as representative for Primus Realty.

    Throughout the entire process, Ms. Lee and Primus were fully involved and in a timely manner, attentive to detail, professional and most importantly balanced in the dealings with the owner. The advice and direction given by Ms. Lee from initial contact to signing of the rental agreement was sound and timely.

    Ms. Lee was instrumental in presenting the rental opportunity in an attractive light and thus securing my acceptance of the offer. She then worked diligently to move the process to a successful conclusion for both parties. Throughout the process, Ms. Lee and Primus Realty did everything promised in a timely manner, and always acted in accordance with my understanding of the highest standards of their profession. Afterwards, Ms. Lee and Primus Realty undertook some follow up work as part of my agreement with the owner, and the work was done expertly by professionals, on time and completely in accordance with our agreement.

    For these reasons, I would enthusiastically and unconditionally recommend Primus Realty to family and friends, for both landlords and tenants. I cannot imagine more competent and professional property managers and realty agents.

    Thank you Georgia for a job very well done. I am very pleased with the rental process, my apartment and the follow up work done by Primus Realty. I would not be in this apartment without the involvement and expertise of Ms. Lee and Primus Realty.

    Richard Reeson Tenant
  • I have been so pleased with your service and especially the way you have kept on top of all the issues involved in running a rental property, making my life much less hassled than it would have been otherwise.

    All the best for the future and I hope, one day I can call upon you to help out managing another property for me - maybe in Dalkeith, Mossy Park or Peppy Grove ( I wish!).

    Andy Tyndall Landlord
  • I've been very impressed with the speed and thoroughness that everything took place from the moment I first spoke with Daina. Tenants were found almost immediately at minimal cost, and paying rent above what I thought possible! Because the tenants were ready to move in at settlement I didn't even lose a single day of rental income!

    The Property Condition report was also very professional and thorough. The use of DVD walkthrough footage was also impressive and will no doubt make it much easier to clarify the property condition in the future. I've also found Daina to be very helpful, approachable and understanding.

    G Turner Landlord
  • After having dealt with Primus Realty for a number of years we have found them to be very reliable and great to work with. Payments are always made on time, which we have found to be very rare in this industry. All in all Primus Realty is a fantastic company and a pleasure to deal with.

    CMS Carpentry and Maintenance Service Tradesperson
  • I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts in managing my 6 investment properties over the past 3 years.

    Throughout the entire period I have been most impressed with your attention to detail, service, and overall effectiveness in the way in which you handled all affairs relating to the rental management of all my properties.

    Your marketing and negotiation skills in finding suitable tenants very quickly and on terms acceptable to myself, your effective maintenance of all the properties and your communication skills in keeping me informed as to all progress has not gone unnoticed and certainly has been most appreciated.

    I will not hesitate in highly recommending Primus Realty to anyone wishing to utilize property management services in the future that I should come across.

    Again, thank you for everything and should I revisit rental investments again in the future I will most certainly be in contact.

    Jonathon Parker Landlord
  • We will be so sorry not to deal with you anymore, you have just been brilliant from day one and we are so grateful. You have made 26 Stainer such a hassle free property for us.

    I still recommend you whenever I hear of anyone looking for a property agent in Perth. If we ever purchase in your area in the future, will be in touch for sure!.

    Gary and Robyn Rayson Landlord
  • In my business as a relocation consultant I am dealing with property managers in the Perth metropolitan area on a daily basis.

    Getting a good Property manager is essential for a landlord, In my experience it can be very hard to get a property manager to return my phone calls when I enquire about a property...... sometimes I will have to wait up to a week, and many property managers are not happy to show you a property outside their specified home open time.

    During an extremely frustrating incident with another Real Estate Agent in Perth I was lucky enough to find Primus Realty who came to our rescue.....I have found Daina and her team at Primus Realty fantastic, they are always friendly and so easy to deal with. I am happy to recommend them to any landlord looking at leasing their property.

    Sue Pember Relocation Agent
  • Dear Daina,
    Now that the sale of our house is complete I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent service over the past three and a half years. You came highly recommended by Daren Schneider and I can see why.

    Right from our first meeting you put us at ease and went about the task of letting the house professionally and efficiently – we never had a void month in over three years. You provided us with the benefit of your experience in judging the risks and benefits of prospective tenants and proved to be very perceptive. You maintained the right balance of keeping us informed and insulating us from the day-to-day hassles of letting the house. You kept us informed of our legal obligations and potential risks, for example, the need for workers compensation insurance. You kept excellent records and produced timely statements which greatly simplified my annual tax return.

    Above all you took the initiative to act decisively when emergencies arose. I will never forget how my heart sank the day you called us to tell us about the electrical fire in our roof. Yet our anxiety was short-lived as you quickly assured us that everything was under control. I know your quick response to the tenants calls averted disaster. I was gratified at the way you and your team took the initiative and authorised repair work with the insurance company so that any loss of income was minimized.

    In closing, our thanks to you and Amber for your fantastic support. We would highly recommend Primus Realty to any prospective overseas or interstate landlord.

    Nick Neil-Boss Landlord
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