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Boutique, Residential Property Management

Resilient, we have been through the years.

Resilient, adjective – able to quickly return to its usual shape after being bent, stretched or pressed

A dream, a commitment, a lifelong interest in Real Estate led Daina Primus into property management and to establish Primus Realty in 2004.

Initially buying/selling and investing in a number of properties Daina’s interest in Real Estate morphed into a passion for property management after becoming aware of a lack of specialist Property Management services within the Real Estate Industry at the time. Daina was well ahead of mainstream thinking which had rated the business of property management a poor second to sales within an agency.

And so Primus Realty a purely property management business was born.

With a small number of properties Primus Realty operated from a home office until Amber Primus joined her mum in managing the workload and increasing the number of rental properties managed. At this stage it was time to find a commercial premises for our little property management agency. Office space in South Shore Piazza in the heart of South Perth was secured and in a short time Georgia Lee joined the Primus Realty team. We operated from this location for 15 years and recently moved to our lovely new office on Harper Terrace South Perth. Ashleigh North, Senda Prieto Regaldo and Jake Hamilton have also been an integral part of the Primus team for many years now.

We love with a passion the life of a property manager, some days can be stressful and wearing, other days satisfying and rewarding but always we are working to achieve the best result for our clients.

Always interesting and demanding, each economic cycle has its highs and lows affecting property management. From high unemployment in 2002 (8.4%) to low unemployment in 2008 (2.3%). Vacancy rates had dipped to .5% in 2005 rising to 5.5% in 2016 and dipping to an all time low again in 2020. We have experienced the Global Financial crisis and end of the mining boom in WA and now Covid-19.

There are many challenges to be met when managing a rental portfolio and they have provided us with a wealth of experience and knowledge which we draw upon every single day.

As an agent we take on the challenge knowing that we have the skills and expertise to deal with situations that may confront our Lessors and Tenants.

Property management has seen many changes over the past 20 years becoming more efficient and increasingly technology based – it truly is an exciting industry to be a part of.

After all this time we remain a family business with a long established and loyal client base.

Give us a call, flick us an email or drop into the office for a coffee – we would love to meet you.

Meet the Primus Realty Team

Let our friendly, helpful and qualified staff take the stress out of owning an investment property.

Daina Primus


Daina’s Real Estate career has spanned thirty five years. First starting out as a Property Manager in 1976 managing properties in the Perth CBD and surrounding areas she subsequently worked as a Property Manager in the Western Suburbs and South of the river.

Amber Primus


In 2004 Amber joined forces with Daina at Primus Realty and helped to establish the systems and procedures that are now firmly in place which ensure your property is managed to the highest of standards and in compliance with legislative requirements.

Georgia Lee


Georgia joined the team at Primus Realty in 2006, in an assistant role, she soon realised Real Estate was her passion and completed her Certificate of Registration as a Real Estate and Business Sales Representative (restricted to property management).