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Amber Primus


With a career tracing back to 2002, Amber has etched her mark within the Real Estate industry. Her devotion to the industry propelled her to graduate with distinction from Curtin University, armed with a Post Graduate Certificate in Property Valuation and a Bachelor of Commerce, where her focus encompassed Property and Commercial Law.

Both a licensed Real Estate Agent and the holder of a Triennial Certificate, Amber became Licensee of Primus Realty in 2023 which stands as a testament to her professionalism and expertise. Her professional journey is underscored by an unwavering enthusiasm for the ever-evolving challenges that property management presents on a daily basis. Amber's belief in perpetual growth resonates deeply; she thrives on the notion that knowledge knows no bounds and finds immense gratification in a role that is perpetually stimulating, gratifying, and enveloped in the thrill of constant learning.

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Daina Primus


With a career spanning over four decades, Daina's journey in the realm of property management began in 1976. Her dedication and expertise led her to achieve an Advanced Certificate in Business (Real Estate) in 1992, followed by the attainment of a Triennial Certificate in February 2003.

Having played an integral role in shaping the trajectory of Primus Realty for the past 20+ years, Daina remains intricately involved in its day-to-day operations and the meticulous oversight of the rental portfolio. Her enduring enthusiasm for the industry shines through, as she remains committed to ensuring that both Tenants and Lessors encounter nothing short of a positive and gratifying experience. Daina's unwavering passion is centered around the belief that every interaction with a property agent should be characterized by trust, satisfaction, and the assurance that comes with entrusting one's investment property or cherished home to a seasoned property manager.

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Georgia Lee


Since joining Primus Realty in 2006, Georgia's presence has been a cornerstone of the team's success. Her credentials include a Certificate of Registration as a Real Estate and Business Sales Representative (restricted to Property Management) and she is looking forward to commencing her studies and obtaining a Triennial Certificate in the near future. As a seasoned Senior Property Manager, Georgia's commitment to her role is palpable and she became a Director in 2023.

Her fascination with the ever-evolving landscape of Real Estate is a driving force in her journey. Within the framework of Primus Realty, Georgia's responsibilities encompass the meticulous day-to-day management, with a particular emphasis on the critical spheres of Trust and Business Accounting. Her adeptness at finding solutions to challenges stands as a testament to her expertise.

Georgia's ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with both clients and colleagues is an asset that the team deeply values. With a wealth of experience at her fingertips, she stands as a reliable source of guidance across the spectrum of property management. Georgia's availability and dedication assure that every aspect of property management is approached with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, affirming her role as a trusted partner in property management.

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Ashleigh North

Senior Property Manager

In September 2014, Ashleigh became an integral part of the Primus Realty family, stepping in as an Assistant Property Manager and has since progressed to a Senior Property Management role. Since then, her journey has been marked by dedication and achievement. In 2015, Ashleigh secured her Certificate of Registration as a Real Estate and Business Sales Representative (Restricted to Property Management).

Currently spearheading the maintenance department at Primus Realty, Ashleigh's focus centers on the swift resolution of Tenant maintenance concerns, aimed at safeguarding lessors from unnecessary expenses. Her multifaceted capabilities extend far beyond maintenance management; Ashleigh is well-versed in all dimensions of Property Management, possessing a comprehensive skill set that enriches her contributions.

A love for challenges fuels her enthusiasm, while her impeccable organizational prowess ensures that tasks are meticulously handled. With an innate curiosity to embrace novel concepts, Ashleigh embodies the spirit of perpetual learning. Her personality resonates deeply within the Property Management landscape, where adaptability, resourcefulness, and a passion for growth are key.

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Senda Prieto Regalado

Property Manager

In March 2016, Senda embarked on her journey with Primus Realty, stepping into the role of Assistant Property Manager and later progressing to Property Manager. At the heart of her responsibilities lies the orchestration of seamless home opens, intricate interactions with strata companies, and invaluable support to the rest of the team.

The year 2017 saw Senda acquire her Certificate of Registration as a Real Estate and Business Sales Representative (restricted to Property Management) underscoring her commitment to property management excellence. With a promising trajectory ahead, Senda is resolutely charting a path towards a flourishing career in the industry.

Senda's narrative carries her from her Spanish roots to her current Australian abode. Originating in Spain, she traversed continents, finding her way to the UK in 2007 before destiny led her to Perth in 2012, all in pursuit of love with an Aussie. Her life has since unfolded with remarkable chapters, marked by the privilege of Australian citizenship and the joyous arrival of two cherished children.

Senda's personal journey is mirrored in her professional pursuits. Her dedication, coupled with her ability to seamlessly adapt across diverse landscapes, positions her as an asset within the Property Management domain. Senda's story exemplifies the richness of experience she brings to her role, making her an essential thread in the tapestry of Primus Realty.

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Lola Sabatier

Assistant Property Manager

Lola's introduction to the Primus Realty family radiates with an irresistible blend of warmth, amiability, and professionalism. Since joining our team in 2023, Lola's presence has become an indispensable asset.

Her steadfast dedication and enthusiasm have left an indelible mark, setting the stage for a promising future as she eagerly awaits the forthcoming completion of her Property Managers Registration Certificate.

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Leading the security division at Primus Realty is Angus, an impressive presence tipping the scales at nearly 60kg, though he secretly aspires to be a lap dog. Angus is a master of conserving energy, dedicating most of his moments to the art of napping. His lineage is a unique blend - a mix of Great Dane, Mastiff, Greyhound, and even a touch of dairy cow

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